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  • Ultra-miniature automation processor
  • 32bit ARM core for quick response and low latency
  • High reliability NOR flash for command data
  • Interfaces and controls all third-party equipment [including Daikin air-conditioning], allowing seamless automation
  • Infra-red ports, each capable of driving at least 2 IR emitters
  • Built-in IR blaster port for direct emission of IR commands
  • TTL IO for expansion and interface with security, fire alarm panels, solid state relays etc.
  • Low voltage relays for interface with low voltage contacts of curtains, motors etc.
  • RS-232/422/485 multi ports. Allow easy interface with projectors, switchers, dimmers etc.
  • Ethernet/LAN port for iPod Touch/iPad/Android tablet control
  • Inbuilt Real Time Clock for timing and scheduling automation activities
  • Built-in IR learner for learning IR codes from new remote controls, in conjunction with Design Express software
  • USB port for programming and upload
  • Status LEDs on front panel for all ports and activities
  • Quick boot allows ultra-fast reset within 5 seconds!