Lighting Control

HVAC Control

Trailing Edge Dimming

LED Dimming

Colour Temperature Control

Colour Control

Leading Edge Dimming

AV Control

Universal Dimming

DALI 1 / 2* Controls

IEC-62386 DT6-DT8 Controls

LED strip PWM Control

Analog 0-10V Controls

DMX-512 Controls


Suitable for large houses, bungalows and areas requiring a minimalistic footprint. With all lighting control and automation hardware mounted in a centralised location and only keypads in various rooms.



The ultimate solution for home automation! Now fit your smart home controls into modular wall plates for incredible flexibility, with no wiring changes required. Upgrade from your existing switches in just a few days.



Enjoy the best of both worlds! Mix wired and wireless products in a simple and reliable manner. Use a wired system in your living and entertaining areas to maintain a minimalistic look and wireless systems in your other rooms.